September 14, 2002

.........Point well taken.

Enough about the Mosley/Forrest fight. On Sept. 14, two very good boxers will be fighting for both prize and pride. Oscar DeLaHoya vs. Fernando Vargas is a definite grudge match that should be very memorable. DeLaHoya has the advantage in big fight experience, boxing ability, chin (at least lately) and hand/foot speed. Vargas is naturally bigger/heavier handed and has good boxing skills. I think this fight will come down to who wants it more and I've got to believe that's Vargas. Oscar is a great fighter who doesn't back down from a challenge, and he deserves a lot of credit for that. I know he wants to win this fight, but I'm not sure to what extent. Fernando on the other hand has wanted this fight for along time and with his up and down fight with Felix Trinidad I know what he's willing to do for victory. It should be a great fight and I'm looking forward to see how it plays out. Vargas wants to get on the inside and DeLaHoya wants to be on the outside. Whoever can dictate the terms should win.-Jim

Well Jim, I both agree and disagree....
I agree that all the tangible advantages would likely go to De La Hoya, but this fight will come down to who wants it more. I also believe that Vargas wants this more than De La Hoya.
Now, Oscar is indeed a good fighter and we all know his track record. However, unlike you, I have questions about his heart. You say he never backs down from a challenge. I strongly disagree. Tito is retired right now because he was turned down for a rematch with De La he was for a rematch with Hopkins. Also, it's hard to ignore the fact that De La Hoya refused to give Vargas a shot before. In my opinion, De La Hoya only took this fight because from a business stand point, he has no choice. The guy lost to Trinidad because he chose to run away from Tito, versus being a man and finishing what he started. Then De La Hoya got his card pulled again by a faster, and stronger Mosley. We all know that De La Hoya was not (and still is not) in any hurry to get back in the ring with Mosley. Yes, he'll agree to do it again (if he beats Vargas), but just as he is taking this Vargas fight, he will do the same only because he has no choice if he wants to stay relevant. Had he'd agreed to this fight (or any future rematches to avenge his losses) while he was still the shot caller, I would not question his heart so much. I do not question his ability. The cat that attacks before it's backed into a corner is the meanest.
Of course, I realize the meanest cat isn't always the best. But in this fight, I'm going with the FEROCIOUS one.-

Adrian's $.02

I want to be very clear that I'm picking Vargas in this fight. I believe Vargas will show his ring intelligence and put on a great performance. My point about DeLaHoya not backing down from a challenge should be clarified, it's the initial challenge that I'm speaking of. His record is a who's who of his era. Now as far as rematches go, DeLaHoya doesn't seem to want to unless he knows he can easily beat them (Chavez being the only one). Rematches that should have happened, in my opinion, would be Pernell Whitaker, Ike Quartey, Felix Trinidad and Shane Mosley. At this point three of the four are retired. I'm not sure I agree with you about DeLaHoya taking this fight because he has no choice. I was surprised he took the fight, not because I thought he had no choice or would be scared, but because I thought he'd be retired by now. I think DeLaHoya is a great fighter and has done a lot of good for boxing. I don't like the way he comes up with excuses/whining when things don't go his way and that he has avoided competitive rematches thus far. I find it funny how I'm defending DeLaHoya, because anyone who knows me knows I don't care for him as a person, but I have to respect his talent.- Jim

I think Delahoya is a good fighter and I think Vargas is pretty good as well, but if Vargas doesnt fight with the determination and that little bit of fear he had going into the Trinidad fight he will go nowhere with Delahoya. I say this because Vargas may just be looking for a good pay day and a grudge to see who the baddest mexican is in boxing. He has an attitude and he uses it , i think he used it to get on Delahoyas nerves enough that he sort of nagged his way into this fight....Delahoya probably wouldnt fight him if there was no hype over this fight. Delahoya tried using his fame by putting Vargas down in the beginning but Vargas didnt quit. Now there is finally a fight, well I hope Vargas is still hungry, because as much as a lot of people want to see Delahoya lose he still is the champ and very well might give Vargas a beating. At this point I dont know if this will be a knockout or a decision. What Do yall think?????


I agree with a lot of what you said. I feel Vargas will win as I said earlier. Who do you think will win? It sounds to me that you're leaning towards DeLaHoya, which I can see him winning if Vargas isn't careful. This is basically a pick'em fight. - Jim
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