Bones Adams

On August 9th, at the Roberto Leyva/Miguel Barrera fight in Las Vegas, I had the chance to catch up with former champ Clarence "Bones" Adams (41-5-3) at the Orleans. I first asked him if it'd be ok to display the photo we just took together on my web page. He asked if it was a porno site and I said no, as we both laughed. The next question was when would he be fighting next. He said that he just found out that his promoter lined up a fight against Guty Espadas (35-4), which will be under the Erik Morales/Paulie Ayala main event as the co-feature on 11-16, to be shown on Pay Per View. These fights will be a "mini tournament" in the featherweight division. He said he couldn't make the 122 lb. limit anymore and I thought that was a great idea to join the exciting featherweight class. I told him I was at his first fight with Paulie Ayala and thought that he deserved the win that night. He told me about a judge that he asked, how he could have scored the fight the way he did, based on him throwing and landing more punches. The judge, who will remain nameless, said he'd go home and look at the tape and see. I said that sounds like, a day late, a buck short. I closed our conversation with how I thought he's a great fighter and good luck to him in the future. My time with "Bones" underscores what I tell everyone about how most boxers are very friendly and the most approachable athletes you could find.-Jim

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